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Do You Believe In Signs?

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What are signs and how do they speak to us?  Some believe in them from a divine intervention perspective. We see little things in our lives that somehow have meaning from another spirit sent to guide us along our journey. Some are searching for a scientific alignment of the Universe to explain the unexplainable.  Signs are merely scientific evidence of different dimensions interacting with this one.  Some already have the answers from ancient wisdom.  In the course of human evolution and suffering, buy more about
we have lost our connection to this wisdom from the past.  Signs have always been there, more about
we just haven’t been open to seeing them.  Some believe in the collective unconscious that wills us to manifest our dreams.  Some think this is all hokey mythology and life is completely random and coincidental.   Whatever you believe, there is no question that we want to understand them and give meaning to signs.


I’m of the persuasion that we have thousands, if not millions of things around us that we are oblivious to, that can help us think differently.  Unless our unconscious deems something noteworthy, we don’t see them or are able to ponder on them.  I have a few book ideas in my head and have already started on one, then I got busy.  This last week, it just happened that I had encounters with four different authors, all of whom gave me great advice on how to start and encouraged me to move forward with my ideas.  Did I bring these people to me at this time?  Did I go searching for them and this is the pinnacle that we all met?  I am not sure, but I took the timing of this as a sign that I am ready to integrate the book idea into my life right now.   This “sign” is also the subject of this blog, and who knows where that will go?  We all have a path we walk and what is most comforting to me, is that you can choose to go as fast, or as slow as you want.  You can deviate, and take another path and if you don’t like it, you can turn around and go a different way.  Too often we are plagued with this nagging feeling that we aren’t living up to our “purpose”.  I think this is a bit of crap.  We are living a purpose every moment.  Our purpose shifts and changes with our direction. The question is, do you want to be blindly led and distracted through your life, looking for what is right under your nose?  Or do you take a chance to stop and enjoy where you are and look at the gifts and ponder your options?  Signs appear in the later, where your mind, body and spirit can align in the present to count your blessings, and ponder all of the wonderful opportunities you get to share.

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