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I learned a lesson a very long time ago that one cannot “be” in the right place, pill unless they expose themselves, “find” the right time, unless they are maximizing it or “have” the right attitude, unless they are living it. I was very fortunate in my life to find some great mentors that saw what I was capable of, when I wasn’t looking. Opportunities are everywhere, and they can be often missed.

Todd and I had a very early morning meeting at a Chamber event way down south in Puyallup. I had childcare challenges and Todd had to get up very early in the morning to be there. Both of us had perfectly legitimateexcuses why we should turn down the event. We both pressed on and made it work. The result? Todd had a FANTASTIC meeting with a group of very intelligent business people. I saw him connecting and the audience was engaged on what it meant to be present and how this worked in a business environment. Afterwards, Todd was interviewed for 5 minutes as part of the Puyallup Chamber of Commerce Series. The group is very progressive and professional. I was very impressed. Had we not gone down there, we may have missed what might be a great opportunity to meet some wonderful people!

At times when I feel that I don’t want to go or do something, is the time when I most need to do it. The best things come from where we weren’t looking for them!!

Check out Todd’s interview!!!

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