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Are you Planning to Plan?

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Are you Planning to Plan?

Are you a list writer on paper or in your head? How many weight charts have you started in your lifetime, pharmacy so that you’ll be the “ideal weight” by that party? On the way home from work, drug do you find yourself getting anxious with all of the “to dos” that you need to do when you get home? You are not alone. Most of us are in a constant state of being overwhelmed and bombarded by life. 120 years ago, viagra 60mg we worried about food, shelter and our close family. Today, we worry about things we will never feel, touch or smell. Writing lists and planning is a way for us to take control, even if it is only a fantasy. Unfortunately, we often fail to complete the list, which makes the list grow, or worse, we tie our self esteem to that list and sink into more anxiety and depression. Common wisdom tells us to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and keep moving, keep positive and keep smiling. We do this, even in the face of more bombardment. You are smart enough to know what you need to do. We plan in an effort to control our lives. Self help and business books tell us the first step is to plan. We put up a wall in front of us that says, “do not proceed until you have thoroughly and thoughtfully planned for your outcome and success”. Unfortunately, the more we control our lives, the more out of control our live become. The more out of control our lives become, the more we try to control our lives. Sound familiar?

Einstein said that the same thinking that got us into this, will not get us out. Here is the honest truth, you know how to solve your problems. The trick is resisting the urge to solve all the problems in a list, without actions taking place. Very often, our plans or lists do not allow for deviation, or for creativity. When was the last time you put, “think about what my accomplishments have meant in my life” after “unload the dishwasher”? We are contemplating and planning the little things, thinking that by controlling them, we will care for the big things. This is simply not true. I realized that I have probably read most of the diet strategies out there, and have planned how to integrate all of them into my life. I have structure and action items, with rewards and goals ready to go. Day 1 is great, Day 2 is REALLY hard, Day 3, I flub, Day 4, it’s over and I feel like a failure. It was a great plan! I just am not good following it. I figured out that what I’m really good at is Planning. I love Planning to Plan! Writing plans to solve our problems, is the same thinking that got us into the situation and it will not get us out. I’m addicted to finding the next best plan and planning it into my life. With all the best intentions, I fail because I thought that just by planning, the rest would magically take care of itself.

So what do you do? Just asking that question begs another 5 step plan, tip or list of things to do. My thought is that plans are GREAT, when it is time for them. They should not be the first step, because life changes and opportunities come that don’t fit into the plan. Which is better, having anxiety over all of the things that need to be done when you get home, or thinking about how mentors in your life have shaped you, or your potential as a leader, or how much you love and cherish your kids? When you get home, what is your attitude? Are you making a bee line to your desk to write your list down, or start on it, or are you hugging your kids and giving them all of your attention. Be present in the moment and do things for right now. If you are driving, enjoy the feel of the car, the beautiful day, the growth of the trees on your street, or how the neighbor kids have grown and blossomed. Think of the things in life that bring you a smile and joy. In this, you will find the inspiration for a great idea. Go with that, savor that and enjoy the moment of piece and no anxiety. You will be amazed that you can move through life and accomplish things without having to write them down. Once you get the idea out of your head that you have to plan everything, or even schedule time to plan, you will be free to “just do”. I guarantee you the amazing things that you find yourself doing, are things you could have never in a million years planned for….

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Motivation is an elusive and multi-dimensional concept.  We often have our motivation dictated to us, which leaves us, well, unmotivated.  Case in point, the following awesome video by Dan Pink and geniouses at RSA demonstrate that corporate is mistaken in the way the assume employees are motivated.  It’s not about the money, honey.  It’s about the freedom to explore one’s own intrinsic motivation.  This is a short (10 min) and entertaining visual that drives it home!  

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