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Rachel’s 9th Birthday Wish

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Last Wednesday, page a horrific accident shut down I-90 right in front of the studios of KKNW, health where I broadcast my show. As I learned of a 9 year old girl air-lifted to Harborview, I thought of my own 9 year old daughter. I sent as much good mojo to her and her mother and prayed for a great outcome.
On the show that week, I interviewed Kimberly Calhoun with In the Field Ministries. We talked about how precious water is in Africa and her organizations mission to dig well and build schools. At the same time the show was airing, little Rachel, the girl in the accident, was fighting for her life.


I learned of Rachel’s death this weekend and cried for the family that had to make the worst decision in the world, to take her off life support. At the same time, I learned of Rachel’s 9th Birthday Wish. You see, for Rachel’s 9th birthday last month, she said she didn’t need presents, but asked instead for donations to www.mycharitywater.org. She wanted to raise $300. After her death, word spread of her wish and the donations as of this writing, are $273,000! Rachel’s wish will save thousands of 9 year olds a world away from dying for lack of clean drinking water. Call it irony, kharma, God, Universe, whatever it is, I felt my role is to help spread the word about the importance of helping the 1 Billion people in the world without clean drinking water.


Please consider donating to Rachel’s wish. Her family could also use some help with medical bills and funeral expenses. You can donate here: Band of Brothers NW

Watch this video about clean water:

Water Changes Everything. from charity: water on Vimeo.

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