May 23, 2012 Outdoor Adventures on Walk the Talk with Kim

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Luke Talbott from Compass Outdoor Adventures put on a pair of headphones with us in the studio this week as we talked about his exciting organizations. A teacher of ten years, Luke decided that kids weren’t being challenged enough, they weren’t able to fail in a safe and constructive environment, so he created Compass Outdoor Adventures to give kids that chance. We discussed the problems with bubble wrapping out children versus letting them fail and learn with grace and support. As Luke told us, “You have to have the ability to fall.”

Compass Outdoor Adventures is offering kids camps this summer where the kid to supervisor ratio is 12:2! Spots are filling up quick though so register your kids now! Go to to learn more and register your young ones. Do YOU want to go play in the mud, search for Geocaches, and feel like a ten-year old again? Luke organizes corporate events! Visit the Compass Outdoor website or email him at [email protected] Make sure you “like” Compass Outdoor Adventures on facebook at to stay in the loop with the latest and greatest from this amazing organization!

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