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Lise Baadh and Eric Cheney of Dance It! May 26, 2011

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Dellann is the bravest, sickness most charming and hard working women I have ever met. Of course she is, she is living a passion to help those individuals and familes that have been devestated by brain cancer! I’ve received emails from folks wanting more information on the Chris Elliott Fund for Glioblastoma Brain Cancer and the hope they offer.  Here is the info re: the website and the events for this month.  Please support this incredible gift of hope!  I would love for the Walk the Talk listeners to join me at the Inaugural Brains Matter Awareness, Auction & Celebration Luncheon!  The event happens on May 26th at the 11:30am at the Bellevue Hyatt, along with John Curley, Dr. Greg Foltz and 3-time Emmy Awared winner Jean Smart!  Reserve your seat by going to: http://www.chriselliottfund.org
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The executive director from Dance It!, Lise Baadh and Tim Cheney came on the show today with a young dancer to talk about this non-profit organization that teaches high school kids to social dance.

Over 2,800 teens have learned to dance with Dance It, a Seattle based non-profit program that provides FREE social dance instruction to local high school students. Through dance, teenagers improve overall fitness, enhance social skills, build confidence, plus broaden their exposure to arts and culture. Your donations make this possible.

Now Dance It brings this directly to students, at their school. As teens learn to dance with a partner and hone their skills, school dances can be fun again and students can venture into the local dance community with confidence. After all, doesn’t everyone want to dance?

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