June 20, 2012 – ACRS – Owen Lei

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I’m thinking of an organization that caters to thousands of clients a year, serves clients in over forty different languages, and offers “culturally confident care.” Do you know who it is? After you listen to this episode of Walk the Talk with Kim you will! The Asian Counseling and Referral Service (ACRS) was founded in 1973 when attention was brought to misdiagnoses in Asian immigrants in regards to behavioral health. ACRS has grown beyond the initial spark and now offers a food bank, and community support through activities and fun classes that provide a spirit lift for various cultures.

The ACRS food bank is unique in the fact that it offers foods that are staples in various cultures. The extra mile volunteers go truly make a difference to those they service. Through this specialization, clients gain comfort through “their food,” comfort that may be lacking in other aspects of their lives. This food bank is open Mondays and Wednesdays in China Town in Seattle.

Saturday, June 30th brings an exciting event for those at the food bank of ACRS. The Walk for Rice will be taking place in Seward Park. Walk for Rice is the only fundraiser for the year, and it allows the organization to purchase their culturally appropriate supplies and foods. They estimate about 1000 walkers will turn up… will you be number 1001? 8:00am marks the beginning of registration, 9:00am cues the start of the festivities, and 10:00am kicks off the walk. Monetary donations and donations of food are welcome!

Visit to learn more about the fundraiser on June 30th. To learn more about ACRS and their services, visit If you are interested in utilizing services or would like to volunteer, call 206-695-7600.

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