July 18, 2012 – Footloose Sailing – Bob Ewing

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When faced with a difficult or life-changing trial, there are those who curl up and hide to protect themselves. Then, there are those like Bob Ewing of Footloose Sailing who chose to make the best of the situation, and then some! Following an accident after he graduated from college, Bob found himself looking at the world in a little bit of a different way. Bob has been with Footloose Sailing from the very start and is now one of eleven board members of the organization.

Footloose offers sailing trips to those with disabilities of all types. These trips give sailors the opportunity to leave their disability at the dock and feel on top of the world as they enjoy the open water. Participants are given three options: sit back and enjoy the ride, help out as much as comfort allows, or start learning how to operate the vessel. This wonderful gift Footloose gives to its participants is truly life changing.

Footloose currently operates on less than $20,000 a year and offers classes at about $15/trip. However, this $15 can be too much for deserving participants. If you are interested in setting up a scholarship with Footloose or would like to volunteer on their trips, reach out!!/groups/55147693384/


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