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Chris Garcia and Steve Rackets with Sno Valley Chamber of Commerce August 3, 2011

Walk the Talk With Kim Comments Off on Chris Garcia and Steve Rackets with Sno Valley Chamber of Commerce August 3, 2011

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We had the beautiful Heather Ryan on the show today to talk about friendship, community and battling cancer.  She was joined by Mary Miller, her best friend and angel.  Heather urges women to not be afraid to go to the doctor and that resources are out there for you, no matter what your financial needs.  We were joined on the phone by Michele D’Amour’s.  She set up a fund for Heather to pay for her bills and other needs. We urge you to LIKE the Facebook page for the Blues Angel Benevolent Fund .  If you know someone who can use the help, please contact Michele at: [email protected] and she can tell you what she did to raise money for a friend.  It all starts with our community, please make sure you reach out to someone in need and give today!

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Chris Garcia and Steve Rackets with the Snoqualmie Valley Chamber of Commerce joined us to talk about business community leadership, best practices and lessons learned! This organization has taken a tough economy and local business environment as a signal to do things differently. Find out how these leaders mobilized and worked together to bring the business, and non-profit community together for real change and in the process, brought out the best in people! Check out the organization at: www.snovalley.org

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