August 1, 2012 – Liberty Road Foundation – John Dammarell

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We all know that there are incredible mission driven organizations out there in the world, and most of us are aware that there are companies that have the desire to help these organizations. Liberty Road Foundation is there to bridge the gap between organizations and companies! This truly win-win, non-profit for non-profits group helps connect business with non-profits who benefit from such relationships. One of their first companies they helped was on the verge of bankruptcy and looking at a downward slope. After engaging with Liberty Road Foundation, this company had an astounding turn-around that showcased how transformational volunteering can be for employees, and as a result, the companies. Liberty Road Foundation teams up with organizations such as Olive Crest, Jubilee Reach, and New Horizons.

Liberty Road Foundation hosts Business Leaders Breakfasts every two weeks and they welcome newcomers! The next Breakfast is Tuesday the 7th of August at the Sheraton in Bellevue from 7:30-8:30am.

On August 14th, Liberty Road Foundation is hosting their annual Golf and Auction tournament in Newcastle! Have a team? Want to compete? Fancy attending an auction to benefit a great group? Check it out!

To learn more about Liberty Road Foundation, what they do, and how you can get involved, visit

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