Excerpt from a “Get Un-Stuck” Keynote with Kim

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Important Links: www.theadvocatesguild.org

Listen to the show: Walk the Talk with Kim

If you are a veteran or family member, find or know a veteran or a family that needs help, viagra order please go to www.theadvocatesguild.org

The family may need legal advice on: finances, more about forclosures, medical and mental issues, family crisis or any other area.  If you are an attorney, please consider joining as a resources for this incredible cause.  If you are a veteran, consider joining the support section and be an ear for those that only you can understand.  Providers and case workers, please file the Veteran’s Advocacy Guild for referrals and references for your clients.  Together, we can help the honor the lives that fought for our freedom.

When I first walked into the offices of Pearson Law firm to meet with Jerry and Michele, I noticed the accomodations of and that Jerry has been honored with Purple Hearts.  I was too young to remember the Vietnam war, but was directly impacted by it.  My biological father abandoned my Mom and me on a military base in California.  When I was 2 years old my adopted father, also a veteran, met us and moved us away.  I grew up knowing about the war, but not really knowing the impacts, because what I saw around me was all I ever knew.  I am watching those of my generation and younger suffering in ways that  bring me to tears.  The pain of the experience and shock of returning home must be so confusing for all, even the littlest ones – the ones that remind me of myself…  So now I stand in front of a piece of paper that signifies one man’s sacrifice on so many levels.  At that moment, I realized the gravity of my part in telling his story and I was very humbled Jerry and Michele wanted to do the radio show.   I posted part 3 first, because here you can see the love and passion Jerry and Michele have for the cause.  I was very moved and I think you will be too.

War is affecting us in ways that most of us don’t know.  We know the stories of those that we lost, and we watch the news that inspires patriotism and tears of homecoming.  But what Vietnam taught me, is that after we as a society have moved on, there are thousands, if not more out there who have never moved on completely.  Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), PTSD, alcoholism, drug addiction, guilt, violence, etc. come home with them. More are coming home now, are we assuming that they will just move on?  Without us helping though compassion, acknowledgement and rolling up the sleeves and walking the talk – we condemn them to living and suffering in silence… Please hear Jerry’s story and share with any and all that you know that organizations like the Veteran’s Advocacy Guild are here to understand and help not just the veterans, but the families struggling to put it all together to be a family.  We owe it to them as they offered their lives for us… Thank you Jerry, you are the bravest man I have ever met. 

I was pulling video for an RFP that I am working on and came across this excerpt from a Get Un-Stuck keynote presentation in March of 2010. As we are looking towards ending the year and setting our goals for next year, check
I thought this might be helpful. Please reach out if you would like more information on keynote presentations, recipe
organizational or individual coaching. http://www.walkthetalkwithkim.com

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