Unemployed? Underemployed? (or just hate your job?)

Millenial Flyer

Number of expected participants: 10-20
In this workshop we will look at the changing environment around emerging leadership and mentoring. We will discuss a different approach to working with and managing people, clinic
including bosses.

Understand the motivations of those that have the resources to advance your careers.

Learn how to gain trust and develop mentoring relationships that are the cornerstone to advancement opportunities.

Check back often for upcoming seminar dates!
This is a 3 part workshop designed to find what you want and make those necessary changes to get there.  You will leave each class with inspiration and motivation and action plan designed to get you thinking in ways you’ve never thought before. 

The first session, there
we will understand and resolve our work choices where procrastination, anxiety and tension have stifled creativity and movement.  In this workshop, we will look at left brain and right brain thinking and what happens when the two sides are in disagreement about the next steps.  Tools and discussion will follow to bring those two sides of the brain to reconciliation and motivation to find what it is that we want to do. 

The second session, we will look at the process of goal setting and resource attraction, WITHOUT focusing on that To do list first.  We will concentrate on establishing our own personal brand that highlights our talents and motivations. 

The third session prepares you to face the world with your brand and vision.  We will look at the science behind the interview process and give you some tips to overcome anxiety and present your best you.

Total Cost for the 3 month class is $90 per person.
Class fees tax-deductible as unemployment counseling expense

Check back soon for dates and locations!