UPCOMING EVENTS for  October, cialis 40mg

GENERATIONAL SHIFT IN THE WORKPLACE: This workshop is one part exploration of Millennial and Generational Motivation and one part open discussion on how you can prepare for and capture the next generational shift. WE have access to the latest and greatest data on the motivation and behaviors of all the different generations, how they work (or don’t) together and what an organization can do to improve innovation, collaboration and productivity.
October 18th, 2012 Time: 9am to 12pm Where: Meadow Creek Business Center – Issaquah
COST: $69

PSYCHOLOGY OF THE SALE – Becoming an Authentic Trusted Advisor: We know our products and our processes and we know our customers and clients. Then why do customers think of shopping elsewhere? Customers buy from people they trust. Too often, sales training teaches us how to manipulate the customer, which the customer is prepared for. We will learn how to create an authentic environment that establishes trust and increases loyalty.
October 30th, 2012 Time: 9am to 3pm Where: Meadow Creek Business Center – Issaquah
COST: $99 (includes Lunch and Materials)

What is your biggest personal or personnel challenge at work? Workforce Evolution can develop custom topics to address organizational concerns with personnel dynamic relationships.

TEN ESSENTIALS – Suspension of Attention – Intro Course: In this course you will expand your ability to understand why employees, managers, and clients behave the way they do, and how to better influence them. There is a hierarchy to perception that has a direct influence on the effectiveness of action. Learn how to differentiate between higher and lower levels of perception, and how to access and sustain more strategic levels of perception.

October 2nd, 2012 Time: 5:30 to 8:30pm Where: Meadow Creek Business Center – Issaquah
COST: $99 *Contact Kim Arellano for a first timer discount*

EQUINE ESSENTIALS for LEADERS: This program is for executives, sales, customer support, HR personnel and managers. In the day-long workshop or weekend retreat, we use horses to help leaders understand how systems thrive or fail in the workplace. You will be a scientist of behavior and motivation. We are going to be watching the herd and discuss what we see in terms of the impact of adding or removing new members, introducing mild stress, and motivation. Participants interact with simple and safe exercises, to practice and demonstrate our own actions and reactions using emotional intelligence. In between exercises, the group will come together to talk about the experiences and share insight.

*NOTE: You will not be riding the horses. We have extra staff on hand to ensure safety. If you have never been around horses, or are afraid of horses, this program is perfect for you!

Email for interest: [email protected]
Where: Rancho Laguna Home of Equine Assisted Rescue Therapy – Snoqualmie
COST: $199 (25% in donated to the non-profit Rancho Laguna HEART)
Includes: Cowboy lunch, Commemorative T-shirt and Completion Certification