Psychology of the Sale

Did you know: 60%+ of employers are experiencing intergenerational conflict (Lee Hecht Harrison)

Workforce Evolution works with HR organizations, price leaders, small business owners and community organizations to address the emergence of the millennial generation in the workplace. Today, there are more Millennials (80m) than Baby Boomers (76m) in the United States. Every day, 10,000 Millennials (born between 1981 and 2000) turn 21. Half of Millennials are already in the workforce. Are you currently making money from this fast growing demographic? Do you need to be? If success and sustainability of your business rely on Millennial customers and workers, then you need to understand what makes them tick. If you aren’t capturing this market now, your competitors will.

To address this shift, Workforce Evolution Offers:

1. WORKSHOPS: This workshop is one part exploration of Millennial Motivation and one part open discussion on how you can prepare for and capture the next generational shift. WE have access to the latest and greatest data on the motivation and behaviors of all the different generations, how they work (or don’t) together and what an organization can do to improve innovation, collaboration and productivity. Workshops and Keynote presentations can be generic, or customized for specific challenges and can run 30 minutes, up to an all day intensive for your organization.

2. CONSULTING SERVICES: Generational challenges go beyond simple integration of the Millennial generation. Baby Boomers looking at exit strategies on the horizon, and Generation X angst over managing shift, need help and support as well. Our consulting services delve deeply into your organization to understand the relationship between culture and the generational shifts. We offer advice and solutions on how to address common conflict points, as well as unique challenges within your organization.

3. MILLENNIAL MENTORING: Millennials want mentorship, not necessarily coaches. They see hierarchy differently and unfortunately, are not staying in one organziation long enough to build mentorship relationships. Workforce Evolution offers mentoring and career services to Millennials, while also offering mentoring opportunities to other successful business people who want to give back and be a part of the shift in the workforce.

Understand the motivations of those that have the resources to advance your careers.

Learn how to gain trust and develop mentoring relationships that are the cornerstone to advancement opportunities.

4. MILLENNIAL THINK-TANK MOBILIZATION: The Millennials are highly motivated towards working in groups and teams. Gen Xers, not so much and Baby Boomers have a different perspective on collaboration as well. Workforce Evolution has worked with organizations to set up successful Millennial think-tanks, steering groups within organizations and communities to address many different challenges such as: work-from home challenges; effective social-media campaigns; community excellence and many other problems that cannot be solved by one group alone. Learn best practices on how incorporating think-tanks into your organization can solve some of your most pressing problems.

Understand the motivations of those that have the resources to advance your careers.

Learn how to gain trust and develop mentoring relationships that are the cornerstone to advancement opportunities.

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Learn how understanding behavior and motivation of yourself, buy organization and clients impact your success. Whether you are selling a product, thumb
idea or building relationships, online
how others perceive you and the world around them drive their understanding of what you have to say. We will discuss the role of fear and stress in buying decisions as well as how strategic partnerships are sometimes formed, or destroyed, without saying a word.


Next Class: October 30th, 2015, 9am to 12 Noon
Meadow Creek Business Center
22525 SE 64th Place Issaquah, WA 98027
Cost: $99
PROMO: 2 Fer Deal! Bring a Buddy and your buddy is free

We will cover:
– Understanding Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and recognizing when someone (or yourself) is operating out of survival in what seems to be a benign situation. How to help the person out of a preservation cycle, where they can become free to think creatively and innovatively about the situation.

– Recognizing the impact of personality preferences, as well as one’s own personality impact on negotiation, change and stress (Hint: some run, some fight and some freeze). We all give off subtle clues and cues that let others know how we are perceiving information. The person who can pick-up and react to these cues will have a unique opportunity to address the needs quickly. We will learn what to look for and how one could react.

– We will learn the art of dialectic conversation, a skill that works to remove debate and conflict from the conversation, while building trust and respect.

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