Workshops for Individuals

Get Unstuck A hands-on workshop for understanding and resolving areas of your life where procrastination, hospital
anxiety and tension have stifled creativity and movement.  In this workshop, information pills
we will look at left brain and right brain thinking and what happens when the two sides are in disagreement.  Tools and discussion will follow to bring those two sides of the brain to reconciliation and motivation.
Dealing with Difficult People (rename? Relationship Fix?) We all have to deal with difficult people in our lives. This course will introduce concepts in human dynamic behavior designed to understand how we and others perceive the world and why some of us behave badly. We will deliver proven effective tools to change the negative dynamics and create a relationship of trust and innovation.
Setting Goals to Achieve What you Want This is not just another goal setting exercise that leads to frustration and negative feelings when we fail to achieve.  This is an exercise in setting the right goals for you by exploring what you really want and matching that with what you should do.
Goal Setting for Teenagers and Young Adults This workshop encourages deeper thinking about what the core competencies are within us and what opportunities look like.  Learn what makes you tick and how to find resources and mentors to help you explore the possibilities!
Life Integration Do you find you wear many different hats in your life that don’t seem to match?  Find out how to integrate your professional, Sildenafil
personal and community life for maximum fulfillment and personal growth.
Unemployment Help – Nailing that Interview How many times have you had an interview that you thought went well, only to find out that you didn’t make a second?  Interviews can be the most stressful and ambiguous situation that you will face.  Learn some tips and tools that will get you out of your head and into the conversation with a prospective employer and show them the best you!
Authenticity and Your Personal Brand You know who you are, why do others not see it?  Maybe who you think you are putting out there and what others see aren’t matching.  Learn about authenticity and finding what it is that makes you special and exploit it!  This concept will help in interviews, resumes, finding and keeping business relationships and other applications.
Managing Your Boss Lucky individuals work for the perfect boss that allows mistakes and provides the environment that challenges us in ways that feeds our growth.  Many times, we are working for someone with their own challenges of direction.  Learn how to understand where your boss is coming from and ways he or she perceives your performance.  Hone skills in managing effectively through fear, ambiguity and stress in your work environment.