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Are you using one of your best business assets, visit this site your intuition, effectively?

Do you work with difficult people?

Are you responsible for motivating others?

Then you need to…..

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Organizations and individuals have unique personalities and dynamics. In an attempt to manage strategy and direction, leaders often overlook subtle dynamics of a group that can sabotage progress. Without recognizing the diversity of thought and ego, innovative thinking can take a back seat to group-think.

Gain access to business development tools in this 12 month program that CEO’s and executives at organizations like Microsoft, Boeing, City of Seattle, Logic 20/20 and many non-profits use to foster organizational growth and development.

You will learn how to get yourself and others “un-stuck” and to find new ways to look at your business and your creativity.  This is a unique opportunity for you to have access to the tools that larger organizations pay significantly for to transform their businesses.

The first class is called Suspension of Attention:

In the first course you will expand your ability to understand why employees, managers, and clients behave the way they do, and how to better influence them. There is a hierarchy to perception that has a direct influence on the effectiveness of action. Learn how to differentiate between higher and lower levels of perception, and how to access and sustain more strategic levels of perception.

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The Ten Essentials Program Includes:
• Small groups of 10-12 Like Minded Business Professionals
• Meet 1x per Month for 12 Months (various locations offered)
• 3 Hour Sessions Cover one Topic Each Month (see below for topic and sequence)
• Bi-Weekly Newsletter and Work Review to keep Ideas Fresh and Productive
• Discounted Rate for 1:1 Coaching

Workforce Evolution uses the Ten Essentials of Pathwise as the foundation program for the services provided. The founders of Pathwise come from senior positions in academia and the high-tech industry to solve critical people management challenges in large organizations. From this experience it became apparent that analytic psychology tools were highly effective when applied to business situations. From this, Pathwise compiled the Ten Essentials of Pathwise for which Kim Arellano of Workforce Evolution is a Certified Instructor.

What people are saying:

“I have been through this series with Kim — more than once! No matter how much you feel you know about people and what motivates/demotivates them, you’ll come away from this series with new knowledge and insights into yourself and others. It will help you understand how to more effectively work with ‘difficult’ people, but the benefits go beyond both ‘work’ and ‘difficult’. I have gained insight into my interactions with people across all areas of my life, both personal and professional.” – Bruce Sullivan – IT Manager


601 – Suspension of Attention In this course you will expand your ability to understand why employees, managers, and clients behave the way they do, and how to better influence them. There is a hierarchy to perception that has a direct influence on the effectiveness of action. Learn how to differentiate between higher and lower levels of perception, and how to access and sustain more strategic levels of perception.
602 – Interpersonal Patterns: Transference Learn how to navigate the unspoken but powerful relational dynamics that can lead you to greater success with clients, co-workers, managers, and employees. Understanding transference can help you to better perceive how clients, employees, and manager dynamics are applied to you, and can create counterproductive reactions in you. With this knowledge you can then learn to respond to others in ways to reach your desired result.
603 – Dialectic Learn the principles and structure of the Socratic mode of discourse, which elicits the maximum creativity, contribution, and motivation from people during meetings. Gain mastery of the methods and tools of this disciplined inquiry for facilitating discovery meetings, open communications, question and answer sessions, and technology, product, and organizational design. In this course you will learn how to facilitate and participate in these highly effective meetings.
604 – Cognitive Development Building upon the material in 601 this course explores how motivations and manageability shift dramatically depending upon peoples’ stage of cognitive maturity. Understand the concept of psychological age and learn appropriate ways of engaging people in order to obtain optimal results. Learn how to assess, predict, and influence behavior based on understanding a person’s stage of cognitive development.
605 – Personality Types Human behavior can be predicted and influenced based on understanding personality types. Learn how to quickly perceive these patterns in order to effectively interact with potential clients, employees, and board members. Also, utilize this tool to learn how to hire the best-matched talent for your company. This course also includes an investigation into one’s own personality type.
606 – Resistance & Defenses Human resistance patterns stop progress. These resistance styles are related to personality type. Learn how to quickly assess the resistance patterns a person uses, and how to manage and remediate them, or overcome them to attain mutual goals. In this class you will learn the primary resistance patterns by type, including an exploration into your own.
607 – Advanced Listening Advanced listening creates the capacity to motivate and understand at the level of a top caliber leader. Learn how advanced listening compels others to provide you with exact information, and allows you as the listener the capacity to hear and comprehend more of the available information. This includes simultaneously listening to and understanding the cognitive, emotional, non-verbal, and unconscious modes of communication.
608 – Intrinsic Motivation In this course you will learn about the phenomenon of intrinsic motivation. You will be able to concretely categorize and discern the most powerful mechanisms of motivation, and you will become more effective at motivating your employees, clients, or board members.
609 – Systems Thinking Systems Thinking is a way of understanding complex problems in organizations that cannot be reduced to single individuals. People instinctively attempt to solve problems in terms of simplified cause and effect relationships. This style predominates in management behavior today. You will learn to understand the basic tools of the systems approach, and will recognize systems behavior in common situations. This course will provide you with the tools to perceive and intervene strategically in highly complex business problems.
610 – Archetypes Archetypes are the universal human interaction patterns that play themselves out within every organization and group of people. The archetypes operating in organizations arise out of the accidental formation of typical human situations that have occurred in over 2 million years of human evolution. The archetypes collectively mobilize the instinctive part of the brain and can compel entire organizations to follow the directions dictated by the archetypes themselves. Often the direction of archetypes can be destructive if not understood and managed. You will learn how to perceive and categorize the archetypes operating in your organization, and how to identify and mobilize more productive and useful ones, which will help you attain shared organizational aims.

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Positive Change is Good
Your time is valuable. And your time is money. Workforce Evolution’s ability to customize information to directly meet your needs ensures a high rate of return on your investment. You’ll discover real-world, ed
applicable skills and insights whether you are the CEO, order
vice president, human resources director, sales or customer service manager, office administrator, or any position in between. Workforce Evolution will work with you to design a targeted and results-oriented solution for you or your company.

We offer services and programs focused on:
Generational Shift in the Workforce
Interpersonal Excellence
Motivation and Behavior
Systems Thinking
Behavioral Science

Some of our more popular topics include:
Psychology of the Sale
Getting Unstuck
Equine Essentials Leadership Class
Dealing with Difficult People

Other Services Include:

Individual Development Through group and individual sessions, individuals will identify the patterns that have created problems in the past and learn effective tools to move past obstacles.
Organizational Development Group and individual sessions available for organizations and departments designed to increase teaming environment through understanding dynamic personality styles and behaviors.
Seminars/Presentations Customizable and standard presentations are delivered in many different efficiency and effectiveness topics available for your networking group, organization, department or non-profit.
Consulting Services in Organizational Psychology We offer a complete systems overview within your environment.  We will review your organization and suggest areas where dynamic environments can be shifted for optimum effectiveness.  In addition, the Inderdependency Diagram for Organizational Effectiveness is a valuable tool for mission alignment and board development.
Facilitation Services Having our facilitator at your next retreat, board meeting or brainstorming session will allow for innovation and creativity to bring your organization to a new level.