Mid-Level Managers

You ARE Ready.

Workforce Evolution knows you often face either inter or intra-departmental challenges that could include lack of respect, cialis 40mg
trust, erectile
or the ability for team members to collaborate effectively.

At the same time, you are held to a high standard; that of delivering and executing the strategic messages and core goals of the company.

We understand your daily challenges and our goal is to help you succeed.

The Workforce Evolution approach

  •  First, we partner with you to listen, assess, and utilize our diagnostic training to gain a clear understanding of your accomplishments, your deficits and your needs
  • From there, we might employ any number of learning options to address the human psychology, motivations, and behaviors of the issues at hand
  • Coaching and training might involve a workshop, individual coaching sessions, an executive overview, or a dialectic conversation between parties
  • Our goal is your personal and corporate success

How to engage successfully in 3 significant workforce areas:

Generational Shifts

We feel your pain and want to give you the tools to solve your conflict and lead in positive change!

Understanding and managing generational conflict is critical to cohesive and collaborative teams. Workforce Evolution offers workshops and presentations designed to bring out the unique assets within your Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennial groups. Engage them to help you collaboratively solve your business challenges. Take the lead in leveraging your organization’s investment in your team by expanding business possibilities and opportunities.

 Workforce Motivation

Motivation is the single most important driver in your daily life

A manager is responsible for the output of their direct reports.  And isn’t it true that success or failure often hinges on others that do not directly report to you.  Workforce Evolution can help you identify the problem dynamic and roadblocks you may not see.  In addition, Workforce Evolution offers transformational workshops that will help you become an expert in motivation, with tools that are directly applicable to you and the teams you lead.

People Problems

Dealing with difficult people, customers and co-workers drains energy and makes you look bad

Work is stressful enough without taking on difficult behavioral challenges.  So, whether it’s your employee, customer, business partner, or even boss, toxic people can create havoc—havoc that people look to you to resolve.  Workforce Evolution offers experiential workshops that give you the tools to resolve these challenges quickly.  These tools have helped hundreds of managers head-off impending problems, hire the right people for the team, and create powerful, productive work environments.