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You ARE Ready.

 Industry impacting statistics:

  •  According to Blessing White’s 2011 Employee Engagement Report, prostate
    fewer than 1 in 3 employees worldwide (31%) are ‘engaged’ in their work.  Nearly 1 in 5 (17%) are actually ‘disengaged’
  • Engaged employees plan to stay for what they give; the disengaged stay for what they get, suggesting that organizations can benefit from a targeted retention strategy.
  •  Generational differences can lead to frustration, conflict, and poor morale. According to a survey by Lee Hecht Harrison, more than 60 per­cent of employers are experiencing intergenerational conflict.

Time to factor-in reality

Is your business responding to these workforce realities? Do you have plans in place to power through these workforce issues and remain a leader in your industry? Workforce Evolution is here to make sure you stay on track and that you are prepared, equipped and ready to positively respond to workforce problems that can derail the best organizations. The cost to your company for not taking care of your people business is just too high.

Time for genuine partnership

Other larger consulting companies might herd you through to a desired goal using a cookie-cutter approach. Workforce Evolution works differently. We tailor-make innovative, custom solutions that resolve your core workforce issues. The outcome?  Sustainable results that keep you in an industry leadership position.

How to stay competitive and healthy in 3 significant areas:

Generational Shifts

You want to be leading the discussion on generational influence – not reacting to it

Workforce Evolution has engaged and designed Millennial Mentoring programs designed to capture the hearts and minds of this exciting new generation. Take the lead by offering your management team a host of innovative ways to engage this generation, minimize culture conflict, and attract the best and brightest to your organization.

 Workforce Motivation

You are tasked with putting together employee packages, are they working?

Human Resource organizations are tasked with finding the right mix of benefit packages to attract and retain the best and brightest, but are they working?  Workforce Evolution has access to the latest reports, statistics and theories on motivation to help you create the best packages.  In addition, Workforce Evolution offers powerful classes designed to help you become the “motivational” expert within your business.

 People Problems

Behavioral Challenges are the most difficult part of HR

Human Resource can be the most rewarding or heartbreaking role in an organization. Especially when you have to work with people having difficult challenges in the workplace. Workforce Evolution has the tools and experiential workshops designed to help you identify and solve complex workforce behavior challenges. In addition, our revolutionary HR Academy will prepare you to be the subject matter expert on any given topic, so you can be looked to as the trusted advisor within your organization.