You ARE Ready.

 Industry impacting statistics.

  •  According to Workforce.com: By 2020, more about
    more than ½ the workforce, or 70 million people will be independent workers – that’s a 437% increase from today.
  •  By 2014, nearly one-third of the total U.S. workforce (32%) will be age 50 or older. This will be a significant increase from 27 percent in 2005.
  •  A 2012 Gartner Executive Summary surveyed 2,335 CIO’s and concluded that their top priorities included attracting and retaining new customers, reducing costs, and building innovation initiatives (referring to people-driven innovation).

 Time to factor-in reality

Is your business ready for these shifts in the workforce?  Do you have plans in place to power through these organizational changes and remain a leader in your industry? Workforce Evolution is here to make sure you stay on track and that you are prepared, equipped and ready for tomorrow’s workforce evolutions. You don’t want to be left behind and you don’t want to waste money.

Time for genuine partnership

Other larger consulting companies might herd you through to a desired goal using a cookie-cutter approach. Workforce Evolution works differently. We tailor-make innovative, custom solutions that resolve your core workforce issues. The outcome?  Sustainable results that keep you in an industry leadership position and WOW your customers!

How to stay competitive and healthy in 3 significant areas:

 Generational Shifts

Texted needed?

 Millennials in the workplace 

Do you have plans for engaging the next generation as a powerful asset to grow your business? 

Through careful assessment and research, Workforce Evolution can prepare you with data and strategic systems thinking to take advantage of this generation and create a powerful legacy.

 Workforce Motivation

Get the best performance out of the people in your organization

You’ve spent countless hours putting together your vision and strategy.  Is your team on-board and invested in your goals?  Workforce Evolution has powerful tools that can help you gauge the true motivation within your organization. Let Workforce Evolution help you ensure your teams are energized and not just telling you what you want to hear.

Interpersonal Excellence

Remove the behavior that is sabotaging your bottom line

Chances are somewhere in your organization, someone is being bullied or talking negatively about you or your business. Scientists and behavioral experts know that in the absence of positive drama, your people will create their own.  Workforce Evolution offers experiential workshops and customized solutions. These tools help you identify and address the toxic relationships within your organization that cost you money and cloud your organization’s vision.