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Client Endorsements

Executive, managerial, and individual accolades for Workforce Evolution:

“Kim is an intuitive, thoughtful leader. She is exceptionally skilled at assisting people and groups with identifying ‘why’ something is not working and providing tools to move beyond the obstacles.”

“Kim’s warmth, trustworthiness and acceptance of organizational and people issues in need of repair make her an essential and powerful resource for change. She has a business head and a business heart for the work she does.” 

“I started working with Kim at improving my interpersonal and business skills in 2010 and have been working with her ever since. The value Kim brings to the table is more than can be quantified by the number of extra sales I’ve been able to close.”

“Kim’s business and operations acumen, her depth of expertise, and her ability to connect with people make her a valuable resource for teams and individuals looking for help with leadership development and cultural change.”

“I have been through this series with Kim — more than once! No matter how much you feel you know about people and what motivates/demotivates them, you’ll come away from this series with new knowledge and insights into yourself and others. It will help you understand how to more effectively work with ‘difficult’ people, but the benefits go beyond both ‘work’ and ‘difficult’. I have gained insight into my interactions with people across all areas of my life, both personal and professional.”

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