Our Background

Mission and Philosophy

Arellano Consulting’s mission is to provide individual and group opportunities to learn through experience the application of psychological and philosophical concepts to improve efficiency, no rx effectiveness and satisfaction in the work environment.

We believe that individuals are capable of incredible insight and thought. Much of what we learn in traditional Western society focuses on the intellectual understanding of our environments. Underneath the surface, site our emotional and instinctual brain is alive and contributing to the human dynamic relationships we have with others and ourselves. Through empathetic, this advanced listening and challenging workshops, the clients begin to understand the different triggers and clues within our own psyches that can help navigate difficult problems and situations.

*For More information on the Ten Essentials of Pathwise, please see the Ten Essentials tab on this site or visit:http://www.pathwisemanagement.com/TenEssentials
Workforce Evolution was born in 2008 as Arellano Consulting through a partnership with Pathwise Management. Together, mind Pathwise and Arellano Consulting brought experience and expertise in philosophy and psychology to the corporate executives. Workforce Evolution works with individuals and organizations to move thought and actions to higher levels of thinking.  The results are innovative ideas stemming from individuals intrinsically motivated towards exceptional work.

Workforce Evolution delivers high caliber consultation services, prescription
public speaking, cost
facilitating, organizational and management skills to individuals, corporations, non-profit and community based organizations. WE believes that by capturing and empowering creativity of individual workers, organizations can create the next wave of innovation through empowering healthy intrinsic motivation, and minimizing personal, departmental and generational conflict. This effort requires a deeper understanding of systems thinking, human motivation and behavior, all of which highlight the services and offerings that Workforce Evolution Provides.

Just some of the presentation that WE delivers include:
Embracing Generational Shifts in the Workplace
Getting Unstuck
Psychology of the Sale
Ten Essentials of Pathwise for Exceptional Leadership and
Equine Leadership Programs that use horses to help teach how systems thrive or fail in the workplace.

For more examples, click here. Or contact us for a consultation and customization of services to meet your specific and urgent needs.

Our client base spans market industries, including Software, Manufacturing, Social Services, Government and Education, Insurance, Health care, Non-profit, Groups and Clubs as well as Placement and Human Resource organizations.