Kim Arellano, CEO

Arellano Consulting is for individuals and organizations that want to understand the complex human behavior patterns that influence our work and personal lives. Through the use of tools and concepts readily found in psychology and philosophy, seek clients will be able to recognize lower level thinking and behaviors while influencing higher thought, advice creativity and effectiveness. Our flexible program allows for specific focus on an area of concern, buy more about or a larger focus on organizational systems.

Consulting and Operations

Taking your needs and requirements into account, we offer consulting, development, and service individual and leadership development.

Individual Development Through group and individual sessions, individuals will identify the patterns that have created problems in the past and learn effective tools to move past obstacles.
Organizational Development Group and individual sessions available for organizations and departments designed to increase teaming environment through understanding dynamic personality styles and behaviors.
Seminars and Presentations Customizable and standard presentations are delivered in many different efficiency and effectiveness topics available for your networking group, organization, department or non-profit.
Consulting Services in Organizational Psychology Through partnership with the respected organization, Pathwise, we offer a complete systems overview within your environment.  Individuals with doctorates in psychology will review your organization and suggest areas where dynamic environments can be shifted for optimum effectiveness.
Facilitation Services Having our facilitator at your next retreat, board meeting or brainstorming session will allow for innovation and creativity to bring your organization to a new level.

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Kim Arellano spent 19 years in the high-tech industry working her way through will and talent from admin positions through sales positions and finally as a regional director of sales for a multi-billion dollar tech company. In addition to extensive corporate experience, for sale
she has risen to leadership levels in non-profit organizations including president of a women’s networking group and executive director of a hospital foundation.  Kim has a talent for mobilizing leaders and creating strategic vision and direction. She is very goal oriented and organized in her approach, while maintaining an atmosphere of support and encouragement of ideas.

As Kim progressed through her career she found that she had a growing interest in tackling a difficult problem she observed in her corporate tenure— a lack of understanding in how to create a space for innovation and creativity to thrive in the workplace. As a leader she often felt there was a better way to secure even more corporate success that embraces the human potential to be highly effective. Kim’s vision, mission and passion are to help corporate America encourage a humanistic approach to the workforce. She believes that by capturing and empowering creativity of individual workers, organizations can create the next wave of innovation through empowering healthy intrinsic motivation, and minimizing personal, departmental and generational conflict. This effort requires a deeper understanding of systems thinking, human motivation and behavior, all of which highlight Kim’s demonstrated skills and talents. 

She has since created Arellano Consulting to deliver her public speaking, facilitating, organizational and management skills to individuals, corporations, non-profit and community based organizations.  Kim is the host of Walk the Talk with Kim radio show on KKNW AM1150 and streaming worldwide.  The show focuses on emerging and successful leadership in mission driven organizations.  She is also a featured Blogger on Next Generation Workplace Issues  for Girl Power Hour, a Seattle-based women networking organization.

Kim holds a B.S. degree in Human Services Management and Masters of Science in Psychology, with a focus on organizational psychology.  She is currently a doctoral student studying psychology and organizational systems at Saybrook University and is a Certified Counselor with the Washington State DOH. Kim is a trusted Human Resources Professional (PHR), who works within organizations to identify areas of concern that inhibit creative thinking and block organizational success. She is a member of the Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology (SIOP) as well as the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).  Kim has completed certification as a Certified Pathwise Trainer and Advisor. 

Kim Arellano lives where she grew up in the Snoqualmie Valley for over 33 years. She is a wife and a loving mother of two wonderful children. In addition to the human brood, Kim is an avid horsewoman and trainer/foster home for canine rescue organizations. As a woman business owner herself, she is devoted to mentorship and support of mission driven organizations and causes.